eXpansion Core Changelogs

V2.0.0.0-alpha2 Two Rivers 02/03/2018

Its finally here, alpha! See Changelog

Fixed Bug run.bat & run.sh contained errors : Cache was not cleared at proper place, and required parameters to be correct & Database build commands were not executed in prod mode
Fixed Bug Fixed default parameters.yml.dist
Fixed Bug Fixed issue 230 : Impossible to unmute player from interface
Fixed Bug Fixed issue 224 : Update.bat file didn't work and was not available in releases.
Fixed Bug Fixed issue 235 : Removed error message at vote manager, when a plugin is not bind for native vote equivalent.
Fixed Bug Fixed issue when shuffling maps if there are more then 250 maps.
Fixed Bug Fixed issue 243 : If custom script mode doesen't have method setApiVersion eXpansion crashes.

V2.0.0.0-alpha1 Two Rivers 20/01/2018

Its finally here, alpha! See Changelog

Added Something completely new

V1.1.0.1 15/10/2017

Version patched for MP#4. See Changelog

Fixed Bug Forced widgets positions so that user can't edit them.there is a widgets.ini file to edit with the content...
Fixed Bug Fixed dedimania not working
Fixed Bug Disabled many features that either crashed the game or expansion

V1.1.0.0 13/05/2017

Version patched for MP#4. Last version of eXpansion V1. This version works but has numerous bugs, even some that might crash the game.
Wait for eXpansion2 :) See Changelog

V1.0.1.2 23/10/2016

Small Fixes See Changelog

V1.0.1.1 23/9/2016

See Changelog

Added Fixed big memory leak in menu. Should make eXpansion more stable
Added Added automatic memory freeing for widgets. Again should help with memory usage
Added Hud reset restores chat to visible (you can hide chat with f12)
Added Added ability to save widget positions to backend. The backend is not ready to save the information but frontend part is done.
Fixed Bug Fix #239 save mx maps with filename instead of numeric mx-id
Added ANSI colors, it's fully disabled on windows console, colors are used on linux.
Added Cleaning #231 - Added all missing scopes on functions.
Fixed Bug Fixed #226 some rare error when player disconnects just as info change in widget times.
Fixed Bug Fixed #220 issue when starting plugins depending on other from interface, it wouldn't start the plugin on first click.
Added Feature #221 - Added plugin incompatibility option in metadata to prevent a plugin from running when there is another one already running.
Fixed Bug Quite a lot of coding style fixes
Added Adding combined records widget
Fixed Bug Fix players background highlite for widgets
Added Server Options: add multiline editbox for server comment.
Added Adding more options to votemanager. players addqueue from mx vote, limits and easier dropdown menu for options
Fixed Bug Fixed pluginslist dropdown box
Fixed Bug Fixed endrankings to have more space between elements
Fixed Bug Fixed random 'black screen' when joining server.
Fixed Bug Advertising widget works again with multiple ads
Fixed Bug Fixed issue #225 with getCurrentRankings trying to fetch to much data at once
Added Added mysql version to the analytics.
Fixed Bug Attemt to fix issue with some mysql versions
Added Unified console messages more + $this->console() takes now trackmania colorcodes, console output is converted to ansi colors and log files without colors
Added #72 Removed usage of echo in many places, replaced with proper logging procedure.
Added #72 Normalized logging & printing to console
Added Added comments to the admin groups plugin.
Fixed Bug Fixed issue #218 while checking for gd library.
Added #211 Added guest group feature.
Added new plugin to force delay of match start
Added Added ability to have different colors for join and leave messages
Added Adding possiblity to disable jukeboxin of music
Fixed Bug Fix for button to work better with optimized pager
Fixed Bug fix #209: Musiclist window is too big, eabling possibility to add more than 180 songs...
Fixed Bug players can now toggle their chat on/off by pressing f12
Fixed Bug fix /top100 after optimizing rank calculation
Added livecp - additional sorting by time if cps are same
Added Otimized databases and queries for really big databases... rank calclation is reduced from 27 seconds down to 1.5 second!
Added optimized widgets drawing
Fixed Bug minor fixes, new plugin: livecp (for rpg servers)
Added increase ads widget count to 10
Fixed Bug fix for idlekick / special case when login might be null or empty string
Added refacor Gui class, adding phpdoc for better documentation
Fixed Bug fix #214: /adm delrec [login], added confirm dialog have text
Fixed Bug musicbox fixes: issue #215, and warmup issue with rounds, also fixed issue with nextmap announce on warmup restart
Added limitting votes per map
Added summer widget: Ants
Added funny times plugin
Added new widget to display local time
Added fix badwords directory for custom chat profanity filter + fix basic plugin chat redirection
Added More deprecated functions in eXpansion widgets & added some methos scopes
Added Cleaned up Adm module & some dependencies
Added Cleaned up & deprecated snake case methods

V1.0.0.5 3/04/2016

See Changelog

Fixed Bug More fixes

V1.0.0.4 3/04/2016

See Changelog

Fixed Bug Fixed french tranlations & other

V1.0.0.2 6/03/2016

See Changelog

Fixed Bug Fixed autoupdate not working

V1.0.0.1 25/11/2015

Updated german translations See Changelog

Added Updated german translations

V1.0.0.0 22/11/2015

First Release See Changelog

Added Composer install update
Fixed Bug Multiple fixes for third part plugins / composer will also make it easier to install
Changed Behaviour You'll need to have minimum of PHP 5.4
Added Support has been added for the new PHP 7.0, and it's super fast :)
Added We've added true support for async https usign curl
Added a nasty bug with number only logins !!
Added config\exp_admin_ip.ini will have proper examples, when generated first time from scratch :)
Added fixes #157, added new admingroup getter: getAdminsByPermission($permissionName)
Added more statistics at podium, added top donators and top playtime
Added added few more menu items
Fixed Bug fixes issues: localrecords widget not visible on rounds. BestCheckpoints did reset every round.
Added voters info for maplist
Added faster animations
Fixed Bug fixes nicknames to have colors at livepanel when joining server when race is on
Fixed Bug Fixes fatal error when dedicated server config file is not found on settings change.
Fixed Bug map ratings widget + storm = maniascript error
Added Improved Blacklist & guestlist handling
Added Added more widgets for end race
Added Widgets have types now, sidebar widgets which are easy to hide & old style.
Added Added check on directory permissions on startup
Added Added previous map command
Added Added button to help reporting on Dedimania records

V0.9.8.7-RC 7/11/2015

Release Candidate. See Changelog

Added Anonymous analytics to keep track of the servers & errors.
Added New LocalRecords system allowing easy coding of new implementations for new game modes.
Added Support for Platform & Obstacles SM Title
Added Plugin search
Added Settings can be in plugins specific windows
Added Custom UI plugin improved
Added added commands to enable/disable chat
Added Added feature to delete records
Added Added Bet plugin
Added Quiz improvements
Added Added Knockout plugin
Added You can now inspect CP times of dedimania & Local records
Fixed Bug Fixed issue with display of ranks
Added Menu improved, when clicking tab menu is disabled
Added New Chat widget
Added Improvements to the GUI
Added add keepPlayerSlots checkbox for server options
Added Better support for remote installation
Added added inputbox for loading matchsettings file from server
Fixed Bug fixes for map handling when running remote (disable unlink forexample)
Added local map browser; shouldn't be able to open it anymore, but in case, added check for running remote + infomessage
Added local map browser window -> disable erase maps if you are running remote
Added close window current active and opened window by escape-key
Added adding new keyboard shortcut for windows -> pressing tab will focus on buttons and inputboxes
Added added keyboard shortcuts for pager and optimized pager; pg up & pg down
Fixed Bug fixed pager; when you scrolled the pager didn't go all away up
Added Ad widgets supports upto 5 widget now
Added Added topbar. Other devs can customize the content in it using the eXpansion hooks
Added Added color picker, to chose color in settings
Added Passing your mouse on buttom left corner of screen hides widgets
Added Added posibility to change default chat box size
Added topsums command
Fixed Bug fix for rounds custom setpoints
Added Around Me widget, works for spectators as well
Added Live rankings can also center on specteted player
Added Added confirmation messages
Added Dedimania support for custom titles
Added Redesign of the hud using native MP elements (increases performance as well)
Added Auto hide functionality on widgets. (Helps with low FPS, displays widget when not driving only)
Added Possibility to swith back to default settings with a simple click
Added Added guest windows and commands that were missing for some reasons
Fixed Bug Fixed critical issue with missing display elements on map switch ...
Hello eXpansion2 is still in devopment. We will be given more information later.