eXpansion² Releases

v2.0.0.0-beta4 29/02/2020

New Features

  • Feature#377 : Added more detailed expansion version information.

  • Feature#380 : Added bundle to create random information messages.

  • Feature#394 - Added additional information when connection to the dedicated fails.


  • Fix #384 - Usage of config values of type TextList won't crash expansion anymore.

  • Fixed #379 : When expansion crashes in windows the command prompt wont close and hide the message.

  • Fix #365 - Fixed exp not starting if can't fetch title/game mappings for expansion api's.

  • Fix #393 - Updated propel and symfony to support php7.2 & php7.3 & php7.4.

  • Fix #395 - Fixed run.sh script not stopping when database update didn't work.

v2.0.0.0-beta3 09/06/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #365 - Not starting if can't fetch title/game mappings for expansion api's.
  • Fix #374 - Permissions configured in the config file is ignored at first start.

New Features

  • Feature#369 : Automatically saving server settings.
  • Feature#370 : Automatically saving match settings
  • Feature#372 : Admin Permissions's are now handled using services. This will allow in the feature to improve the permissions page & adds more flexibility.

v2.0.0.0-beta2 10/05/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixedlive rankings

v2.0.0.0-beta1 10/05/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed#119 : Fixed all symfony commands requiring connection to the dedicated server.
  • Fixed: Typo in addEventProcessor method of the application dispatcher.
  • Fixed#322 : Issue with lost events during eXpansion start. This caused at startup not to have local records for exemple.
  • Fixed: Issue on windows with script names can have capital letters.
  • Fixed#339 mx info being null at database
  • Fixed#277 : sorting numeric values
  • Fixed#343 : Hopefully fixed once and for all RowLayout size issues.
  • Fixed#354 : Fixed bin/console being a symlink.
  • Fixed: Dedimania player disconnect handler

New Features

  • FeatureAdded ingame configuration system.
  • FeatureAdded DeveloperTools bundle
  • FeatureAdd configs for various types, booleans, textfields, password
  • FeatureAdd MxKarma
  • Feature#118 : eXpansion will attempt multiple connections to dedicated before crashing.
  • Feature: Improved performance of Vote Gui using script update.
  • Feature: Console output for enabled/disabled plugins is lighter and easier to read. Additional info is in logs.
  • Feature: Added chat command for donation.
  • Feature#321 : Plugins can now have multiple data provider dependency with a OR logic. So if one of the providers is enabled it will enable the plugin
  • Feature#177 : Local records window display race & lap records.
  • Feature#66 : Added experimental Dedimania support
  • Feature#211 : Added possibility to create plugins witohut data providers.
  • Feature#345 : Moved list of loaded bundles in a configuration file.
  • Feature: Added Live rankings

v2.0.0.0-alpha3 - Two Rivers 24/02/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixedissue #248 : Strange behaviour of translated uiButtons.
  • Fixedissue #255 : Fixed issue when asking permissions on guest admin groups crashing controller
  • Fixedissue #269 : eXpansion crashing with unknow player exception.

New Features

  • Feature#262 : Added support to ping eXpansion Analytics.
  • Feature#266 : Add warning that displayes every 5 minutes about dev mode.

v2.0.0.0-alpha2 03/02/2018

Bug Fixes

  • run.bat & run.sh contained errors :
    • Cache was not cleared at proper place, and required parameters to be correct
    • Database build commands were not executed in prod mode
  • Fixeddefault parameters.yml.dist
    • mysql host was from docker
    • replaced localhost by as on windows with wamp it works more often.
  • Fixedissue #230
    • Impossible to unmute player from interface
  • Fixedissue #224
    • Update.bat file didn't work and was not available in releases.
  • Fixedissue #235
    • Added missing translations for players-window.
    • Removed error message at vote manager, when a plugin is not bind for native vote equivalent.
  • Fixedissue when shuffling maps if there are more then 250 maps.
  • Fixedissue #243
    • If custom script mode doesen't have method setApiVersion eXpansion crashes.

v2.0.0.0-alpha1 20/01/2018

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