eXpansion server controller for maniaplanet

Dedicated Server Controller for ManiaPlanet games by Ubisoft/NADEO!

eXpansion2 is based on Symfony components which allows a very modular structure.
Manialink generation is powered by steeffeen's Fancy Manialink's library, and we use some custom parts to inject maniascrips.

Top Features

Great Code

The experience you get coding for eXpansion, can serve you every where else and even on your CV. If you have used Symfony before, you'll have no troubles writing additions for eXpansion. And what you learn by writing eXpansion additions, you can apply for Symphony websites!

Light & Fast

Use of ManiaScript allows to delegate tasks and take the load off from the server. eXpansion2 sends a single manialink to update all widgets data; maniascript handles player related data. Manialinks are send grouped to create as little load as possible for the dedicated server.


eXpansion has multilingual support. Translating eXpansion for a new language is an easy task to do. Contact us, if you wish to translate for your language!

Keep up to date

Thanks to Composer you can keep very easily updated with the latest stable, nightly or subscribe even for the development build!


Trackmania or Shootmania - eXpansion is built to work on any environment & gamemode. With the unique data provider-based architecture coupled with Symphony DI makes adapting existing plugins to new gamemodes easier than before! It is possible to re-use (for example) widgets by just writing a new data provider supporting new game mode.

Easy to Install

eXpansion is easy to install, even for novice server administrator - just follow our install tutorial!

Well Documented

Very complete documentation with various examples.

Unit Tested

Rock solid core with less bugs, crashes and frustration.