eXpansion server controller for maniaplanet


You can support us in multiple different ways.

Contribute to the core

You can find in our github the list of issues/tasks that can be worked on : list of issues

Issues are tagged with good first issue are good issues to start with.

You can also help us out with your comments on tickets tagged help wanted. In these tickets either we are having technical issue we don't know how to fix, our in which we need your input to decide what todo.

You can also take any issue in that list, just let us know with a comment.


eXpansion has multilanguage support; you can trasnlate it in crowdin

Create bundles

You can create your own bundles for eXpansion. We will be glad to have them!, if you need support don't hesitate to ask in the forums


Money is not a motivation factor for eXpansion, but we do have some costs such as hosting. We would be gratefull if you can help us out with some of that.

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